Rules in English

We welcome you to the Ice Skating Club!

At the cash desk you can purchase a ticket for 1 hour, or for unlimited skating. The prices are indicated near the cash desk.

Children under 6 years old can skate free of charge after age confirmation.

At the cash desk you can also purchase socks and rent protective equipment.

Every client should enter using his/her card by scanning it at the turnstile.

On the right side behind the cash desk there is a cloakroom, where you can leave your clothes (bags and valuable items are not accepted at the cloakroom).

Further away is the rental storeroom, where you can hire skates, socks, protective equipment and keys for storage lockers in which to leave your things. All of these facilities are included in the cost of the ticket.

Storage lockers are through the last door on the right.

Entrance to the ice rink is done by scanning your card at the turnstile. Each person has to use his/her personal card to enter the ice rink.

If you purchase a ticket for one hour of skating, do not forget to check the time you can stay on the ice. A board with a clock is located on the right-hand-side; a scanner to check the rest of the time that is left is near the turnstile. The time begins after you go onto the ice rink and stops after you go back through the turnstile. If you stay longer than the prepaid time, you need to pay for the extra time (in minutes) at the cash desk.

If you need medical help, please ask the personnel to help you.

In case of loss of (or damage to) your card and key you will need to pay for a replacement at the cash desk.

Entering the ice rink in a drunken state or state of narcotic intoxication is forbidden!

You are allowed to visit the café on the first floor while wearing skates.

It is forbidden to smoke on the whole territory of the Ice Skating Club.

When you leave the premises your card is blocked and you need to return it to the guard.  

For the safety of visitors we conduct video surveillance..

This text describes the most important rules.  Full rules for visitors are provided at the stand opposite the cash desk !!!

The administration does not take responsibility for the loss of valuables.

Sincerely yours, The administration